Life at sea. Whatever the conditions, calm sea or hurricane winds, at the heart of the craft is an engine. On patrol, making a rescue, fishing, shipping cargo, auxiliary power. Displacing or aquaplaning. If you choose a Scania marine engine, you know you will never be becalmed.


We understand that the engine is the most important safety factor on board, and we build engines to meet every need – powerful, reliable, dependable engines with maximum uptime and minimal downtime for service and maintenance. And no matter which waters you ply, Scania has an organisation ready to serve your engine when it needs it. That’s power at work. High output. Low weight.

What type of engine do you need – a 12 litre straight six or a powerful 16 litre V8 with twin turbochargers? No matter which you choose, you gain the same Scania advantages. Our engines deliver high power output for their weight – more horse-power per kilo. All are loaded with power, but they are loaded with other qualities too: proven low fuel consumption, excellent uptime, quality and overall economy.

Green today, green tomorrow.
A Scania engine produces low emissions now and far into the future. We can easily handle the emissions requirements of both today and tomorrow – and with the same low fuel consumption. Our combustion chamber design enables us to build clean engines without complicating installation. For you, the result is an engine with low emissions, high performance and low operating costs. Our technical solutions ensure that your investment and your work will be green today and stay green tomorrow.

Unique modular approach.
One of the major advantages Scania engines provide is our unique modular concept. We build all engine types with essentially the same components. The main difference is the number of cylinders – 6 or 8. That means a lot to you as a marine customer – and to your customers. Because of our modular approach, every penny we invest in engine development benefits all engine types. And since every engine is built from the same basic components, it’s easy to keep spare parts in stock and easy for service technicians to learn the engine – after all, they only have to deal with a single type. For your customers, it means extra confidence and security thanks to

Within the Scania engine range you will definitely find the marine power suitable for your needs and overall economy. Our 12 litre engines have a power output range of 300 to 700 hp, and our 16 litre engines develop 525 to 800 hp. Their compact design makes it easy to install other engine-powered accessories, too, such as bilge pumps, ACcompressors, power takeoffs, reverse gears or larger generators. All of the engines have charge air cooling to maximise power output and minimise emissions by cooling the intake air.


Power when you need it.
Scania engines provide maximum torque at low revs – an important advantage in marine propulsion and auxiliary applications. Planing vessels quickly pass the resistance threshold to reach their cruising speed, while semiplaning vessels can operate in the most suitable speed range with optimal fuel consumption. Scania’s high-torque engines are well suited to commercial crafts since they deliver full power at low revs. Scania engines are optimised for tough operating conditions, resulting in lower fuel consumption, less stresses and engine wear.

Compact and easy to package.
Scania engines are very compact, with a favourable powerto-weight ratio. They are easy to build into any conceivable marine application, and their compact dimensions result in more space and easier access for service and inspection in the engine room.

Scania marine engines are designed for marine use from the very beginning, resulting in a compact, robust, clean and reliable engine with long uptime between service and maintenance. Common components are an important advantage. And the engines are built to be served and repaired on site by a single technician. That’s why we make all service points easily accessible, and that’s why each cylinder has an individual head that can be removed and replaced by a single person.

Dual oil filtration system.
All Scania engines have a unique oil filtration system that provides maximum filtration and minimum wear. A full-flow paper filter removes large particles and a centrifugal cleaner filters out small particles. Scania’s oil filtration remains unchallenged as the best in its class, providing concrete benefits like better operating economy and lower environmental impact. EMS and UI, inhouse technology helps improve the environment.

Scania’s electronic Engine Management System (EMS) was developed inhouse, specifically for our engines. It is designed to stand up to heavy use and harsh conditions and is thus extremely dependable, and it makes a major contribution to cutting fuel consumption and emissions. The same is true of the Unit Injectors (UI) that are at the heart of the most reliable, well proven injection system on the market. It is a robust system for tough operating conditions.

Plug and play electrical system and instrumentation.
With a Scania electrical system, you can be confident you are getting maximum performance and the best possible overall economy from your Scania engine. The system and instrumentation are custom-tailored to the EMS – and function optimally with the intelligence built into the EMS.

The result? Better control functions, simple, understandable monitoring, quick location of faults and programming options that can be customised for the engine’s area of application.

Scania has been manufacturing engines for over a century. Over the years, we have provided the world with several million engines. You can find them in trucks, buses and equipment of all kinds as a source of power. Scania marine engines are approved by the major classification societies. Since all of our engines employ the same basic technology, whether they are intended for trucks, buses or other applications, you are buying one of the world’s most manufactured engines – from a company that is devoted to research and development.


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