ScanMarine was formed in the 1980´s by members from the Swedish shipyards, such as Kockums, Öresundsvarvet, Götaverken-Arendal in Gothenburg.


ScanMarine’s primary services include the following: planning, engineering, material specifications, workshop drawings, material delivery, supervision and onboard installation. ScanMarine is able to handle all different outfitting disciplines: insulation, piping, ventilation, electrical works, and interior such as; bulkhead/ceiling panels, doors, toilets, furniture, floor coverings – all to a complete turnkey installation. All our products and installations are designed and manufactured according to the customer or ship owner’s specifications.

We are proud of being able to offer a total turn-key package from the first conceptual ideas, design, planning and complete drawing phases, material and procurement, to manufacturing, project management and finally, approved installation.
With reference to ScanMarine´s background as a well known turn-key contractor we assure that only the best suppliers from Scandinavia are engaged in order to build interiors with the highest of standards, at the most economical prices and always delivered on time.

ScanMarine is participating in several innovative development projects. One of the most famous projects is the project LASS (Lightweight construction applications at sea) which aim at improving the efficacy of marine transport and to increase the competitiveness of the Swedish shipbuilding industry. This will be accomplished through the development and demonstration of techniques for using lightweight materials for ship construction.

Our staff is selected from the highest level within the international marine shipbuilding business area on the market. All the persons involved have long traditional training and experience from all types of maritime works on board and ashore to a “state of the art” technology, of the highest international class.

The project manager with main responsibility for a certain project is involved in the project at all stages. From the inquiry stage, engineering, purchasing, planning, to the onsite work leading. Therefore the customer usually deals with one contact person all the time during the whole project. ScanMarine’s project managers achieve targets in time, on budget and up to required standard. Protect your enterprise with professional and loyal management!

ScanMarine is an exclusive interior and outfitting turnkey contractor for the worldwide marine shipbuilding industry. We are ready to meet the challenges of new building, conversion and refurbishment contracts for all types of vessels and oilrig quarters whilst paying as much attention to minor assignments as to larger projects.

We meet not only quality, technical and cost requirements, but we also offer innovation, reliability and experience and last but not least, skills of turn-key services. Specializing in interiors, our well-experienced craftsmen manufacturing custom made joinery, fittings and furniture, have given ScanMarine an excellent reputation for customer service, quality and reliability. We are flexible, and offer standard products and services, as well as special made solutions and products fulfilling our customer’s individual wishes.


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