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scanunitScanunit is Scandinavia‘s leading supplier of comprehensive lifting and maintenance solutions in the maritime and industrial sectors. Scanunit offers all services in this area. Using us as your total supplier means reduced environmental impact, shorter lead times and improved cost-efficiency.

Onboard Service
We carry out maintenance, repairs and installations around the world such as hydro-blasting 2500 bar, painting, license welding, HRS, installing and repairing pipes steel as well as GRE from Future Pipes Industries, cleaning engine rooms and fuel tanks service and installation of HS Marine Cranes up to 400TM – while the vessel is engaged in trade or during a temporary stop. Through meticulous planning and follow-up, we can guarantee that the job will be done with minimal downtime.

We install lifting, loading and deck equipment with an emphasis on quality and safety. For rapid delivery, we have everything from hooks to over 100 tonnes of wire in stock as mooring ropes, dyneema ropes from Samson Ropes Inc. lifting hardware from Crosby, and fall protections. We install new hawsers and wire in existing system, but also deliver and install entire new winch and crane systems.

Scanunit is a specialist in the design, construction and testing of lifting equipment for shipping. Our own LASTO pallet forks and lift yokes are of the highest quality. In our workshop we also design and manufacture a wide range of steel and aluminium products, from components to complete installations.

Inspection and classification
Scanunit is approved by the Swedish Maritime Administration for carrying out surveys, load testing and classification of all lifting equipment on board, and approved by The Swedish and Finnish Maritime Administration as well as MCA U.K. for inspection and service of lifesaving equipment.

Gothenburg branch
In addition to our head office, workshops and warehouses in Helsingborg, Scanunit‘s Gothenburg branch offers rigging and welding workshops and storage facilities enabling us to be quickly on board ships calling at this port.

Broad experience
Knowledge, commitment and farsightedness are the basis of our work. We are dealing with human safety – which is priceless – and valuable material goods. So we must know what we are doing. Therefor we have brought together the best people in their respective fields, and with our experience we work together with the customer to achieve the optimal solution. Our approach is long-term; our philosophy is that it is most important to win not only the current order, but the next.

Our skill – your benefit
Scanunit is one of Sweden‘s fastest-growing companies. With a turnover of SEK 120 million for 2011, Scanunit was named a “gazelle” for the third year in a row by the business and financial newspaper Dagens Industri. Our employees are our strength. Today Scanunit comprises about 60 permanent employees, but also hire 100-130 people on an annual basis. Together we work to maintain the highest quality in all areas. Our guiding principle is: “Our skill – your benefit.”


Scanunit AB
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