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science and innovation

Science and Innovation AB is a company that provides your business with Medical Advisors. We also help you to plan and carry out clinical studies, as well as writing your applications (IRB, MPA FDA).


Medical Advisors
We have a vast network of highly experienced and scientifically qualified physicians, from Key Opinion Leaders in various fields, to Physicians in Hospital based specialties, as well as in Primary Care.

Let our experts give you accurate and useful data on medical conditions or specific cases, or help you with your study plans and projects. Our experts can also review the medical information that is given by your company´s web page, packet inserts, sales representatives, and brochures, so that it is correct and up-to-date.

Let us assemble and manage key opinion leader advisory groups for your products or projects.

Clinical Studies
We will help you plan and run your clinical studies and give you all the help you need with study designs, protocols, and everything else, from early proof-of-concept studies to larger scale projects.

We can arrange study sites in Sweden, Europe, and in the US.


Applications and Correspondence
We will assist you in writing various applications where a correct medical input is crucial, from your local ethics committee or medical products agency, to obtaining FDA approval for clinical trials of devices or 510(k) clearances.


science and innovationOlof Ljunghusen, MD PhD

I will, with my experience and expertise, help you make the right decisions in choosing suitable experts and study sites.


science and innovationCharlotta Hadfield
CEO Assistant

I look forward to new exciting projects with new connections and collaborations!

science and innovation