SciXess1Put success on your side!

At sciXess®, we know that Biotech and Pharma Consulting as well as the valuation of innovations and technology driven companies is more than a business, it’s a mission. That’s why we are deeply committed to the needs of our clients. Since its interception in 2002, and located close to the Munich Biotech region, sciXess® developed to a renowned European acting consulting company.
Since more than a decade we successfully support our clients in developing and implementing business development strategies and collaboration processes ranging from in- and out-licensing technologies, via the rating of technologies and companies, to M&A transactions.

SciXess forges alliances that work!

SciXess® brings in hands-on professional experience throughout the whole licensing process. At sciXess®, the identification of potential licensing partners is just the start of a successful partnership with our clients. We do also support you during the due diligence process, perform technology/patent valuations and conduct licensing negotiations which finally end in the closing of licensing agreements corresponding to your expectations.
IP-rights are a central area in today’s innovation driven industries, where techniques, products, applications and legal matters are mixed and where patent valuations become more and more important. At sciXess® we do not simply add a price tag to a patent by applying one of the standard valuation techniques. Our qualitative and quantitative IPR-analysis is completely transparent, reliable, in due form and time, and strictly follows the strong IOSCO rating principles. We provide you an independent, objective, credible and transparent result about the value of your IP.

We dig deeper to make the best out of your technology and your business!
SciXess supports you with hands-on advice and long term experience by providing especially the following management services:

  • technology identification and rating,
  • patent-, FTO-, market- and competition analysis, (patent strategic consulting that fits to your financial and commercial needs),
  • out licensing of technologies and patents,
  • negotiation of all types of business contracts (e.g.: CRADA, license-, option- and financing agreements, M&A deals…),
  • development and implementation of patent- and business development strategies,
  • management support and strategic consulting,
  • due diligence and rating of target companies.

SciXess is a true strategic partner focusing on your industry and your special needs!
SciXess’ strategic services provide not only an authentic basis for your decision making processes, they also help you to take the right decision at the right time. As our customer you will:

  • benefit from our long lasting to-the-point experience in Biotech consulting,
  • benefit from the strength of our extensive network in the Biotech- and Pharma industry,
  • benefit from our enormous experience in structuring, negotiating and closing all kinds of business agreements,
  • find the best partner for your technology and products to develop and market your innovation.


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