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 Seabased group wave power technology, green energy

Principle of Operation
Seabased’s wave power technology uses the wave motion in waves to directly drive each wave energy converter. The active element is a system optimized by the unique directly driven permanent magnet linear generator. The generator is designed to take advantage of the slow movement of the waves that is transferred to it via a rope from a buoy (point absorber) on the ocean surface. The buoy action is transferred directly to the generator with no intermediate mechanical gearing. The generator is optimized to output high power even at slow speeds. The movement of the waves (about 5-15 wave cycles/min) causes the translator (corresponding to the swiftly turning rotor of a conventional generator) to move up and down within the stator, thus converting the kinetic energy of the wave to electric energy. Very powerful neodymium-iron-boron magnets are mounted on the translator. They create an alternating magnetic field which is led through the stator windings by stator steel. The stroke length of the translator is limited by end stops at top and bottom. The encapsulated generators can be anchored to the seabed using a concrete gravity foundation. The foundations are designed and dimensioned according to wave loads and seabed conditions. Seabed preparations in the form of blasting or excavations will not be necessary.

Seabased group wave power technology, green energyDevelopment and Milestone Status

  • 2006 – University Pilot Project, first unit deployed off the West Coast in Sweden
  • 2009 – 2010 – Seabased delivers and installs the system in Norway
  • 2010 – 2012 – Seabased delivers and installs a 10 MW plant in Sweden
  • 2012 – 2017 – Seabased plans new deliveries to Norway, UK, UAE and Japan


  • Plants in the size of a couple of MW to several hundred MW
  • Buoy diameter: 4-7 m
  • Stroke length: 2-6 m’
  • Average power output: will vary depending upon given wave resource (available upon request at Seabased)
  • Rated power: 20-100 kW/unit
  • Depth: nominally 25-300 m
  • 1 km² per 2,000 units
  • Can be used in mild as well as very rough wave climate
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