SeaBird Exploration Norway AS

SeaBird Technologies AS is a service company that specializes in seabed seismic. Our concept is to deploy geo-phone sensor nodes into the seabed and acquire high quality multicomponent data. The company can provide all aspects of seabed seismic; feasibility studies and pre-survey planning, data acquisition, on site QC, data processing and interpretation.

The objective of SeaBird Technologies is to provide first class services to the oil industry in order to reduce the economic risks in the exploration phase and reduce uncertainties related to reservoir description, fluid flow and reservoir management. With the industry’s strong demands for a reduction in field development and operating costs, improved technology and techniques are absolutely necessary. Our concept of acquiring high quality pressure and shear wave data on the seabed will have a great impact on considerably reducing costs and giving higher production on existing and new fields.
4C-4D Reservoir Monitoring

Time Lapse Surveys
To map the change of characteristics and movements of the fluids in a producing reservoir over time, multiple high quality seismic surveys have to be performed. The monitoring of a reservoir will give vital dynamic information on the fluid flow (in the reservoir), enable the possibility to better predict the changes in the producing reservoir, and better targeting of the production wells. A correlation of the existing information available (i.e. Well logs) with the acquired dynamic seismic data will increase the understanding of a reservoir and render possible an increase in the extraction rate and better the economics of a producing field. The high quality multicomponent data acquisition system represented by the node technology is designed to meet the quality demands of a dynamic reservoir monitoring system.

  • The accuracy on the positioning and configuration available on the node system enables a high degree of repeatability in the system
  • Multimode wave acquisition for recording of waves with different characteristics (PP-, SS- and PS)
  • Repeatable coupling characteristics
SeaBird Exploration Norway AS
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