Seabrokers Chartering AS

Services provided by Seabrokers Chartering AS

  • Short and Long term chartering
  • Vessel Newbuilds & Development
  • Sale & Purchase / Vessel Valuations
  • Marine Projects
  • Marine Consultancy
  • Technical Knowledge

As part of the complex process involved in Chartering offshore vessels, Seabrokers are able to perform the following chartering functions that give you an unparalleled and independent service:

  • Large Diverse Market Coverage
  • Extensive Market Information
  • Electronic Position and Real Time Vessel

Availability List (Spotlist)

  • Issue of Short/Long Term Requirements
  • Preparation of Technical / Commercial Data
  • Technical Recommendations
  • Contract Negotiation and Charter

Party Advice

  • Completion / Issue of Contracts & Tender Documents
  • In Service Follow Up
  • Fleet Analysis

In addition to the main chartering functions we offer, Seabrokers can also provide the following services:

  • Innovative Contracting procedures
  • The benefits of a in-house global office network
  • Full third party invoicing arrangement
  • All-embracing information service
  • Involvement in a New Safety Vetting Scheme for Vessels
  • Developments in Marine Innovation
  • Expert Marine commercial and contractual knowledge
  • Weblog System

Seabrokers Chartering AS
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