Seba nor AS

Supplier of cable fault location and cable test equipment for off shore and onshore installations. A part of the Britsh Megger Group, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of measurement equipment for diagnosing the condition of cable networks and cable fault location

For more than 30 years has Seba nor AS been the leading supplier of know-how andcable fault location  in Norway. Seba nor AS is located in Sarpsborg, Norway. Here we have a cable test field for training of technical personell and a service center.

Our product ranges are:
•    Cable location and detection
•    Cable fault location
•    Cable high voltage testing AC/DC
•    Cable diagnostic and PD measurement

Our TDR instruments, in the Teleflex series, are adopted and standardized by the off shore industry and our newest instrument Teleflex VX made the world record in TDR measurement in September 2013 from Norway to Netherlands with 580 km on a HV DC link cable.

Today we experience a grown demand for our high voltage portable VLF test systems and Statoil and IKM Laboratorium are some of our good customers for these products.


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