Senior Services AS

“We are situated in downtown Stavanger; Norway’s petroleum capitol. This is where we focus our efforts to promote our consultancy company,” says Managing Director Ole A. Sleveland at Senior Services AS.

Experienced pioneers and frontiers
Some of the staff at Senior Services’ head office in Stavanger: Managing Director Ole A. Sleveland, Trude Wiik, Ann Helen Tvedt, Jens Bodal and Kirsti Eide.Senior Services was one of the initial companies to offer personnel recruitment services on the burgeoning petroleum industry frontier, with its multitude of professional and technological requirements. The company was founded in 1990, and with their extensive experience they are soundly rooted in the business and a primary operator in the trade.

“We deal mostly in procuring and providing engineers, and part of this interaction is listening to feedback – keeping our ears to the grapevine, to instantly recognise new personnel demands within industry advancements. And of course, with Senior Services you rest assured that our candidates are qualified engineers that all possess much more than the basic skillset. Because experience is simply always in demand.”

Senior Services main areas of expertise are:

  • Engineering and consultancy services
  • Staff recruiting services
  • Staffing solutions
  • Document checks
  • Office and administration

Some of our most important clients

Ramon Diaz, at the Sleipner platform in the North Sea. He is one of more than 80 engineers that Senior Services has brought from Venezuela.Try & Hire
Senior Services pioneered the Try & Hire method that brought oil industry operators the option of hiring engineers at no obligation for a trial period. This grace period has now been adopted as an industry standard throughout the recruitment business.

A comprehensive staff
Senior Services searches far and wide to acquire professionals, also outside Europe. Given differing global petrochemical challenges, this ensures a staff with experience in varied industry situations, and the customer can pick and choose.

Senior Services offers establishment help to all its personnel, and closely monitors their well-being and performance. They are there to offer support for the challenges that might arise to ensure smooth engagements.

Senior keeps advancing
It is a time when the financial crisis is making itself felt in the Norwegian oil industry, yet Senior still has its hands full providing important, soughtafter services. Senior Services remains true to the task of further serving the oil and gas industries to make sure that highly-qualified professionals and employers find one another.

When the company is contacted by an employer needing personnel, Senior Services logs and publishes the open positions through their website – – which carries rolling, constantly updated lists of current openings, to peruse at a glance. They also utilise a network of partners in Norway and abroad to find the right person – at the right time and right price.

The intermediary
Your company receives an offer of two or three qualified candidates, Senior Services intermediates contact information, and when your company has made it’s choice it can hire the right person.

Important collaborators in work finding qualified personnel for the Norwegian oil and gas sector, are among others the consultancy companies Hazell Engineering (UK), Canro International (Romania) and ICS in Venezuela. Ramon Diaz, at the Sleipner platform in the North Sea. He is one of more than 80 engineers that Senior Services has brought from Venezuela.

Senior Services’ main office is located at the St. Olavs Building in downtown Stavanger. Senior established a new department in Ulsteinvik in 2008 to offer consultancy services to shipyards along the west coast.

In 2001, the companies Technical Management Group (TMG), HH-Consult Norway AS and Marcon AS became a part of Senior Services.

Our strongest professional disciplines:

  • Project management
  • Pipes / Steel
  • Subsea
  • Electro / Instruments
  • Mechanical / HVAC
  • Planning / Cost
  • Process
  • Contracts / Purchases
  • Drilling
  • QA / QC / QS
  • Safety
  • Document control

Managing director Ole A. Sleveland ends with an open invitation: “Please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone, mail or through our web site – or why not drop in at our main office in Stavanger for a pleasant chat and a cup of coffee?”

Senior Services AS is a ISO certified company and holds an Achilles JQS approval.