Sepson has for a long time had a market leading position in hydraulic vehicle-mounted winches. As a supplier of reliable, dependable and uncomplicated winches, Sepson is always in the forefront with competent and innovative development of world class winches and systems for military and civilian users all over the world.

Sepson was founded in Sweden in 1900. Well known globally for delivering high level Swedish quality, we have for the last 80 years been developing and manufacturing winches for military and civilian vehicles.

Consistent quality and safe operation remain the focus of the development process and this process is, in turn, based on years of experience combined with highly advanced technical ability. Hard use over the years in the most demanding environments has cemented the reputation of the Sepson winch as being reliable, safe and operator friendly.

Innovation driven by the world’s most demanding customers
In our position at the forefront of the industrial winch market, we always listen carefully to our professional users all over the world and develop products responsive to their needs. As an industry leader, we also develop new solutions for all types of vehicle-mounted winch products and accessories. In this light during 2016 we will introduce upgrades that add even more features to our world class winch products which will make working with a Sepson winch even safer and easier than before.

Focus on Reliability and Safety
Sepson winches are designed and built for professional use in the toughest of environments. They perform heavy duty recovery work reliably under the most severe conditions ranging from arctic cold to tropical heat. Ambient temperature range can be from -49 ºC to +55 ºC. Sepson winches are in use today on rescue and recovery vehicles, cargo trucks, trailers and heavy equipment transporters, armored defense systems, off-road vehicles, tractors, loaders and earth moving equipment, fire/rescue vehicles, refuse vehicles, high tension wire stringing rigs and many other applications.

Pioneer in Hydraulic Winches
Sepson pioneered the use of hydraulically powered winches for mounting on vehicle applications. We have continuously improved our products; always integrating the best new technology available. We work closely with our clients to provide complete, modular winching solutions resulting in instal lations designed to offer low weight in relation to pulling capacity.

Uncomplicated with built-in Safety Features
Our products are often used far away from the next repair center. For this reason, Sepson winches are made to require minimal maintenance while repair is always possible by our customer’s own staff without them needing special tools. We also offer a local presence to solve problems on the spot and to offer training. We can provide onsite service and routine maintenance or we can train operators or maintenance professionals locally. We tailor the training programs to suit our customers’ needs exactly.

Innovation Straight from the World’s Toughest Laboratory
Our winch program consists mainly of planetary gear winches with a pulling force up to 500 kN. Many of our products include both an integrated spooling device and constant pull technology. This package has proven itself time and again in the harshest environments, especially for military customers worldwide. Operators deployed in danger zones deal with the extreme stress of time constraints as well as a number of distractions all of which require fast actions. Sepson winches are made to be reliable and dependable in these stressful circumstances and easy to use. With an integrated and automatic rope spooling device (Sepmatic) the rope management becomes almost automatic and with Sepson’s load control system (Forcematic) the pulling force can be fully controlled.

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