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Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM
Servogear is the leading manufacturer of complete variable pitch propulsion systems for fast vessels and sailing yachts. Since 1981, Servogear’s product development has focused on a total propulsion concept making full utilisation of the forces at work below the hull. We have developed a unique propeller tunnel which, in combination with our effect rudder and other developments, results in greater propulsion efficiency below the hull than in open water. The special shape of our EcoflowTM propeller tunnel reduces hull resistance by 5% to 10%. This has been documented by independent tank tests and full-scale measurements.
Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM gives better fuel economy and reduced NOx and CO2 emissions.
Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM is the most effective propulsion solution in its market sector.

FAST FERRIES – Extensive savings with no loss of speed
Our all-inclusive approach makes our concept more efficient than any other known concept on the market. It enables the most economical operation, generating extensive savings for the owners of the vessel without compromising speed and regularity. Lower fuel consumption also protects the environment from harmful emissions. Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM combines efficient propulsion with a high level of comfort. It is most reliable in operation and not sensitive to load changes, which is very important in regular scheduled services.

OFFSHORE VESSELS – Unbeatable combination of speed and thrust
Offshore vessels and workboats have highly variable requirements depending on the type of operations they are intended to carry out. Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM has all the necessary properties that are usually required by any fast workboat. These include high speed, high towing capability, excellent manoeuvrability and superior vessel control in adverse weather conditions. Our propeller tunnel also reduces the draught and gives the propeller better protection against floating debris.

YACHTS – Ecoflow Propulsor™– the sophisticated concept
Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™ has been developed especially for high-speed vessels, where economical running with light equipment of high quality and finish is essential. This propulsion concept reduces draught and allows for smooth and precise manoeuvring without abrupt movements.. Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™ is quiet-running and efficient, which means longer operating time between each refuelling.

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