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SH Produkter AS develop, produce and sell new and innovative products within logistics, transport and storage solutions. We have cooperated with the Norwegian and the Swedish Armed Forces through decades, and we develop products and successful solutions together with our customers. SH Produkter AS has sold products for over 250 MNOK. All our products are patented. SH Produkter AS was established in 1993, and has since the beginning worked to solve the problems and challenges within transport, storing and logistics. Our business idea is to make logistics less expensive and more effective. Today SH Produkter AS has these operating frame agreements:
FM-1648-11 (Swedish Armed Forces) and SAP no. 46 00000 765 (Norwegian Armed Forces).


SH-MEZZANINE – Flexible space-saving storage for system & totalityAdvantages:

  • Flexible space utilization – More effectively use of the volum in a facility
  • Creates more space without increasing rent
  • Module based system well suited for storage of heavy vehicles etc
  • Simple and fast mounting/dismantling. Recycling: different issues, places, users, owners
  • Constructed for further development.

Areas of use:

  • Storage halls with high ceilings e.g. Buildings, plastic and mountain halls, hangars – can achieve more than 90% increase on effective storage area
  • Relocatable storage solutions – flexibility in terms of changing operational needs
  • As of today the Norwegian Armed Forces has acquired about 30.000 square meters of SH-Mezzanin.

Cargo frames – The total concept of logistics

The Cargo frame is a collapsible storing cage that simplifies the handling of large amounts of equipment, quick and easy. The Cargo frame fit with containers, trains, trailer trucks, boats etc.


  • Standardized product for The Norwegian Army
  • Easily combined with Depot/laundry trolley and combi shelves
  • Substitute for pallets: The cargo frames is a major reason behind the fact that The Norwegian Armed Forces have halved their stocks of pallets and pallet frames.
  • Space saving transportation and storing system
  • Collapsible, flexible
  • Easy return of empty goods
  • Can be packed flat, where 6 cargo frames packed flat has the same volume as one fully assembled cargo frame
  • Fully loaded cargo frames can be placed on top of each other
  • Can be delivered with tent solutions. Over 13.000 Cargo frames has been delivered to the Norwegian Armed Forces and about 3.000 to the Swedish Armed Forces.

Depot/laundry trolley

The depot/laundry trolley is simple, robust construction for rough handling and flexible with interchangeable parts, and can be assembled without nuts and bolts. The front sections can be used as shelves.

Areas of use:

  • Depot/laundry, transport, container fixtures and storage system
  • It replaces: Racks, pallets and pallet frames, and makes storage and transport more mobile and efficient
  • Capacity: 9 sets in a 10’’ container, and 18 sets in a 20’’ container
  • Additional equipment: wardrobe bar, parting wall, special front, tarp and 1/3 extension
  • Comes with tent solutions
  • As of today the Norwegian Armed Forces has acquired about 9.000 sets and the Swedish Armed Forces about 3.000 sets of depot/laundry trolley.

Combi shelves

The combi shelves have been developed to the Home Guard, the quick response force and technical materiel in order to ensure safe and effective transport and storage.

Areas of use:

  • Fits with 10” and 20” containers
  • Technical material
  • Troop- and squad equipment
  • Dividing storage/other space
  • Furnishing containers
  • Furnishing office space on plant
  • In the middle section, depot/laundry trolleys
    and pallets can be placed.

The product can be combined with cargo frames. SH Produkter AS has provided Norwegian Armed Forces as of today about 500 sets of combi shelves.

Brush&shave – multifunction hygiene product

Hygiene product for todays soldiers and travelers.


  • Toothbrush
  • Shaver with Gilette Mach3 razor blade
  • Toothpaste
  • Storage room.
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