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SH Teknikk AS offers a variety of services to the oil and offshore industry.

Located in Bergen, since 1984 we have specialized in developing, designing and manufacturing production machinery and production tools. These are customized solutions that have helped to improve efficiency and safety for our customers.

SH Teknikk AS consists of three departments employing competent, highly skilled staff.
(3D SolidWorks, EU directives, regulations and laws, strength calculation, welding, hydraulic systems, industrial design.)




  • Development of smarter customized solutions in close cooperation with the client
  • Manufacture of products and prototypes
  • Project management
  • Documentation and manuals

SH Teknikk, WH Tool ManipulatorServices:

  • Regular maintenance and inspection
  • Repairs
  • Installation, startup and commissioning
  • Conversion

Conveyor Construction:

  • Preparation of carrier solutions
  • Constructing and production
  • Maintaining and repairing
  • Service

Examples of our product and solution range to the oil and gas industry

  • Spooling systems that handle drums from 50 kg to 25 tonnes
  • Production plants for manufacturers of seismic equipment
  • Testing equipment used to verify the qualities/ properties in development of new products.

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SH Teknikk AS
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