Shark Solutions A/S

Shark Solutions is a Danish company focused exclusive on resource mining PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral) from laminated glass and turning this recycled product into high value new raw materials for various industrial applications. Shark Solutions works with leading companies’ worldwide as suppliers and customers.

Shark Solutions was founded in 2005. The company´s head office is located in Vipperød on the Danish island Zealand (west of Copenhagen).

Virgin PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral) has excellent adhesion and film forming properties and outstanding optical transparency. It is used as a highly elastic, transparent, tough film for laminated safety glass and solar cells (PV) and as a binder in printing inks, coatings and corrosion protection primers. PVB is oil based, process intensive and expensive to manufacture, which is the reason why virgin PVB is sold at a high market price.

Shark Solutions claims to be the only company able to recycle post-consumer PVB in volume with a quality similar to the virgin product. This is done to a small fraction of the cost for production of virgin PVB which gives an excellent (extreme low) carbon footprint. Shark Solution buys PVB waste from the established European glass recycling companies, who today have to pay a gate fee for landfill to dispose the PVB waste after their process of removing some of the glass from the PVB.

Due to the lower price of Shark recycled PVB and the excellent technical properties of PVB there are numerous applications of PVB – of which many are no option for virgin PVB due to pricing barrier! In addition PVB can replace various other raw materials, e.g. PVC and water based dispersion for paint and coatings industry,

Shark Solutions currently operates PVB recycling plants in Denmark and Belgium and the 3rd facility in US (Atlanta, GA) is in start-up phase.

There are approximately 1 billion automobiles in the world and they all have PVB in their windshields (approx. 1.2 kg in each windshield). Every year 7% gets a new windshield due to stone chipping – and in addition about same amount are scrapped per year. Estimated same volume of laminated building glass is recycled per year! This equals a total annual theoretical supply base for the Shark PVB recycling business of 300.000 ton PVB – and growing!

Shark Solutions A/S
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