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Industrial minerals are all around us. The cup that holds your morning coffee is made from clays and feldspar. The windows in your home are formed from melted silica sands. The paint on your walls, the tiles in your bathroom, the very computer screen on which you are viewing this website, all have minerals at their heart.

In other words, industrial minerals are an essential part of both hitech products and everyday consumer goods. In a world constantly evolving, with demand for higher welfare products, access to raw materials has become essential to the functioning of all industrialized economies.



Our Heritage
Sibelco was founded in 1872 and is a privately owned company that produces and sells a wide range of industrial minerals worldwide. As a global company with over 200 production sites in 41 countries, spread over 5 continents, we employ more than 10.000 employees. As a diversified industrial minerals group, we supply minerals to a variety of industries. Our minerals are used in a vast range of applications, including glass, ceramics, energy, metal and casting, functional fillers, construction, water treatment, animal feeds, flame retardants and many more.

In the Nordic countries, Sibelco is the market leader in extraction, production and distribution of industrial minerals such as nepheline syenite, silica sand, feldspar and olivine. The two largest plants are located at Åheim on the western coast of Norway and at Stjernøy Island outside Alta in northern Norway. From these plants our high quality olivine and nepheline syenite products are mined, processed and delivered to our customers by our worldwide support network.


Built to innovate
Our innovation programme is driven by market trends and the changing needs of our customers, often focused on energy reduction and more efficient use of raw materials. Sibelco has dedicated teams offering innovative solutions, always taking a long-term perspective with the customer at the center.

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