Silentia AB

Clean and flexible design

Maximum hygiene combined
with practical designs

Silentia Screens are a patented screening system that has been designed to make your
work easier in hospitals and other care situations, for the benefit of patients and staff.
The Swedishmade system has been very successful since it was introduced in 1990
and now helps provide fast and effective screening in care situations all over the world.
Silentia Screens satisfy a variety of needs. They can be installed without getting in
the way of ceiling hoists or other equipment; they are always on hand and they let the
daylight flood in. Simplicity is another benefit, as underlined by EasyClean™, EasyReturn™
and EasyClick™ – three features that contribute to maximum hygiene, versatility and
ease of use. Their clever design and wide range of heights, lengths and colours also
ensure that our screens fit in well in most care environments.

Silentia AB
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