develops mining simulation programs

SimMine, mining simulation programsSimMine was founded in Malå, Sweden, in 2007 under the name Önnerlöv Consulting Group.

SimMine develops mining simulation programs and conducts complete mining simulation projects. The staff has in-depth knowledge and wide experience of underground and open pit metal mining. This extensive experience means more mining understanding, more accurate simulation models and maximal value to the mine.

To be competitive the company puts large efforts into well thought out products and services that help our customer to maximize their profit and benefit from future investment or production changes.

Make the most out of your assets. Use SimMine® for optimised resource planning and scheduling of underground development. Make sure your development project is completed on time within budget. SimMine® Development Package is easy-to-use and powerful software to plan, simulate and evaluate the development process in underground mining. By using SimMine® as the method of verification of plans, you will get more accurate results than from commonly used spreadsheet based schedulers.

Investments in mining involve large sums of money. Bad investments even more. The same is true when it comes to optimizing complex mining processes. Indepth understanding is needed to estimate the effect of a proposed change, or when verifying all variables in the existing process. Ideally, you want to know the effects of an investment or production change in advance. Simulation is a valuable management tool that is well suited to the study of mining processes, it is very effective and cost saving for mining projects in a feasibility stage, as well as for operating mines.

A few examples of mining simulation services we can provide:

• Haulage Strategies
• Development Strategies
• Production Strategies
• Transport & Buffert Capacity Strategies
• Equipment Selection & Optimized Equipment
• Performance Strategies

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