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About Simoco Diagnostics
Simoco Diagnostics is a company based on many years distribution of products for clinical diagnosis and research. We distribute products for use by the Health Service, Universities, Research Centres, the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry and the Army. As sole distributor Simoco Diagnostics can offer a wide number of products within microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and clinical biochemistry.

Customers in focus
Simoco Diagnostics are keen to deliver the best products in the market and we are well known for our good personal service and day to day delivery.
In addition we can also provide our expertise if procuration of other products is needed.

Simoco DiagnoticsCore area:
• Diagnosis of infectious diseases
• Antimicrobial resistance testing (AST)
• Clinical biochemistry
• Immunological reagents
• Quality Controls

Analysis methods:
• Rapid Test
• Real Time PCR

Our suppliers:
• Meridian Bioscience
• Cellabs
• Chembio Diagnostic Systems
• Core Diagnostics
• Liofilchem
• Institut für Produktqualität
• ZJ Bio-Tech
• Utak Laboratories

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Simoco Diagnostics A/S
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