Simson Power Tools AB

designs, manufactures and sells hydraulic power tools

Simson Power Tools designs, manufactures and sells hydraulic power tools characterised by their high quality, good security, flexibility and high performance. In combination with a fast and personal service, we can offer a number of premium products!

The company has been operating for more than fifty years and has customers throughout the whole world.

The colour of our tools has become a symbol of quality and reliability among professionals. It has also come to be associated with the raw power and broad range of applications which is characteristic of all Simson´s jacks, tools and accessories.

the model shown is 2325H with centre hole (capacity 23 tonnes)

The model shown is 2325H with centre hole (Capacity 23 tonnes)

We supply:

  • Simson Kompakt
  • Simson Kombi
  • Simson Allround
  • Simson Aluminium
  • Simson Accessories


Service tools for all the heavy industry
Simson´s hydraulic power tools are used all over the world.
Several examples of the range of application include:

  • The shipbuilding industry
  • The oil industry
  • The wind power industry
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • The nuclear power industry
  • The steelwork industry
  • The mining industry
  • The processing industry

Unique features
Simson Kompakt is a hydraulic powerpack that combines a number of unique features, such as lightweight, attractive design and high capacity. Quality and reliability are two other characteristics that have made Simson a favourite tool among professionals worldwide.

Simsons Power Tools

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