OFFSHORE – Acoustics, Noise and Vibration – Consulting Engineers


SINUS AS is a consultant company specialized in acoustics. We offer mea-surements, studies and calculations of acoustics, noise and vibration.

Occupational noise exposure is one of the most important work environment factors offshore. Consequently, calculating noise and vibration has become an important part of the planning process for new modules and installations.

SINUS AS carries out noise tests on new machinery and equipment. If the requirements are not met, we can recommend technical measures or administrative solutions. Our company also performs field measurements to determine noise exposure levels for personnel and seek actions to reduce the risk of hearing impairment.

SINUS AS has been engaged in R & D activities both in Norway and abroad, such as:

• Participation in the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association
Project: Occupational Noise in the Norwegian Oil Industry, within the fields of hearing protection, handheld tools and helicopter noise
• Developing methods and tools for calculation and evaluation of noise exposure
• Cost-effective noise control – general measures in the offshore process industry
• Acoustic pipe insulation, assessment pursuant to the NORSOK and ISO standards
• Participation in ISO and NORDTEST committees for developing standards in the field of noise and acoustics

Professional approach – cost effective solutions
SINUS AS has a long and broad experience in assessing noise and vibration for oil and gas installations. Our studies cover both new and existing installations. We know how different kinds of equipment generate noise and how to combat excessive noise by practical solutions at minimal total cost. However, Sinus AS also has the tools and expertise to make advanced studies, providing detailed information about different types of sound and vibration propagation. With our engineering proposals, we can contribute to low noise levels.
Quality Assurance
The company has developed a quality assurance system based on ISO 9001. The system ensures that all assignments are in accordance with the employer’s specifications, government standards and regulations.



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