SIRION Biotech GmbH

SIRION Biotech GmbH
Next Gen Viral Vectors  for Discovery  & Therapeutic  Application


SIRION Biotech offers innovative drug discovery solutions based on a proprietary viral vector platform. Beside its expertise as a specialised service provider for pre-clinical target research, SIRION offers next generation viral vectors and complementary compounds  for cell/gene therapeutic application.

Key technologies comprise:

– Custom viral vectors for in vitro and in vivo research (AV, LV and AAV)
– Proprietary target ID/validation platforms
– Novel/surface modified viral vectors for targeted transduction of e.g. hematopoietic, B and T cells
– Pharma grade viral vector enhancers to target hard to transduce cells (e.g. CAR-T cell therapy)
– AV, AAV and LV engineering & vector optimization

Sirion2Access next gen viral vectors for:
• Gene Therapy Solutions
• Regenerative Medicine
• Drug Target ID/ validation
• Screening Models
• Vaccination Concepts

SIRION Biotech GmbH
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