Site Group

Site Group for Services and Well Drilling, a company under the BAUER Resources GmbH division of the BAUER Group, was founded in 1993 with the vision of serving the natural resources industry in the Arab World and beyond. For more than two decades, we gave evidence of impressive performance in providing the oil, gas, water and mineral resources industries with the best services.

In 2009, Site Group became a member of the BAUER Group, an international construction and machinery manufacturing company based in Schrobenhausen, Bavaria. It is listed at the DAX (German Stock Exchange) and organised in three divisions: BAUER Construction, BAUER Equipment and BAUER Resources. Site Group belongs to the latter division. It is the parent company of more than 130  subsidiary businesses in the fields of construction, equipment and resources.

Throughout the years, we have successfully completed the drilling of more than 1,800 wells and drilled 165,000 meters, in addition to coring and exploration mining works.

Oil & Gas Competences

Oil & Gas Exploration Development

  • Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Drilling
  • Directional Well Drilling
  • Fully integrated turnkey services

Work-Over Services

  • Reconstruction and work-over of production wells
  • Through-tubing work-over operations
  • Re-production and removal of rod-sucker pump
  • Supporting other work-over services

Drilling services for Seismic Work

Water and Other Services

Drilling Services

  • Up to 5,000 meters depth
  • Tricone bits and hammers (all sizes available)
  • Fully integrated turnkey services

Work-Over Services

  • Full rehabilitation of wells
  • Geophysical logging
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Pumping tests

Well Services

  • Wireline coring
  • Grouting
  • Geological surveying and reporting
  • Provision of equipment customized to match hydrological and hydrological specifications


Our particular niche is to provide tailor-made solutions for clients. Our main service orientation is to give what the client requires and more. We pride ourselves in being open to new approaches and to shouldering our share of risk. We look for longevity with clients and place the utmost importance on them.
With the support of the BAUER Group, we are able to take on more challenging integrated projects that require not only drilling services but also full project management and is open to accommodate the evolving needs of operators in the current industry challenges.

240 Mecca St., Amman 11118, Jordan
+962 6 586 1314
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