Sjøvik AS

The Sjøvik Group operates an international fishing enterprise from its base in Midsund, on the North West coast close to Aalesund. Geographically, this puts the company in Norway’s largest and most vital fishing region, as well as at one of the world’s leading fish technology centres. The Sjøvik Group has established a world wide sales organization through its network of companies and international partners.

Sjøvik seafoodSeabay is the brand recognized for delicious and convenient fish products. In addition to the Seabay brand, Sjøvik`s production plants specialize in tailor made products with private labels.


Professional vessel management
Sjøvik has developed a professional vessel management team to ensure efficient and effective vessel operations. This team includes onshore and onboard professionals experienced in engineering, quality control, personnel and vessel logistics.


Excellent raw materials
Fish caught in the pure Arctic waters are in demand for its high quality and positive health attributes. World wide fishing activity secures stable supply of excellent raw materials.


Sales and Marketing
Over decades of activity, the Sjøvik Group has acquired an extensive international sales and marketing experience to the benefit of its customers and is geared up to adjust to changing specifications of the market.


Sjøvik AS
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