Skyddsprodukter i Sverige AB


Skyddsprodukter i Sverige AB started its business in 1993 when two of the country’s leading shelter technicians were hired to develop and certify products. Skyddsprodukter i Sverige AB has, over the years, thanks to its long experience, expertise and service, been a very successful company.

A war shelter is a room constructed to protect life. It consists of a solid, gas proof concrete structure which is built to protect against shock wave, splitter, gas, nuclear radiation, fire and rubble. Shelter rooms with equipment are designed so that a specified number of people can stay in them continuously for three days. The shelters function includes parts that are not always in or nearby the shelter: entrance and evacuation routes, air supply and the resistance that the shelter is designed for. This means that, reconstruction, extensions, and superstructures can affect the shelter’s function even if the shelter itself is untouched.

Extensions and superstructures in properties nearby can also affect the shelter’s function.


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