Slakteriet AS

Slakteriet AS
Packing station for farmed fish

Slakteriet AS is an independent harvesting plant for farmed fish in Florø, 100 per cent owned by its employees. We started up in 2005 although our history as a harvesting plant goes back to 1988) after the acquisition of Fjord Seafood’s facilities in Florø; in 2006 we also bought Brekke AS.

Our business philosophy has proven to be more than viable and development has been positive, we have gone from processing 10,000 tonnes of fish in 2004 to 35,000 tonnes in 2007. Our clients are salmon exporters, aquaculture corporations and individual fish farmers. Our aim is to offer something for everybody as a supplement to the big international companies.

Our experience has shown that there is a need for a large, independent group of harvesting plants.



Slakteriet Brekke AS 
Packing station for farmed fish

In total, our harvesting plants have a capacity of 175 tonnes of packed fish per shift and a freezing capacity of 75 tonnes. The plants employ a highly skilled and experienced workforce of about 100: professionally qualified staff who do their best for our clients.

Both plants are state-of-the art with the most modern processing equipment. Both will BRC-approved in 2009. Slakteriet AS is planning to develop a ULT plant which will freeze fish to –60degC and will be the only one of its kind in the country.

Both plants are situated amid scenic surroundings in Sogn og Fjordane, known for its deep, clean fjords, where aquaculture flourishes. Our strength is in our organization: small, with a short decision-making chain, and a great sense of commitment.

Slakteriet Brekke

Slakteriet AS
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