SLD Limited, is a subsea laser and imaging technology company based in Aberdeen, but providing on a global basis to; oil and gas operators, subsea inspection companies, marine operators and environmental industries, a unique subsea inspection solution.

SLD’s expertise is in the areas of lasers, optics, intelligent imaging and robotics for subsea appli-cations. By using advanced laser and imaging technologies, supported by intelligent electronic hardware and software, SLD offers clients rapid and more cost effective inspections tools. Over the past ten years, SLD have developed a range of innovative technologies and products for our clients, which have added value to these markets with the provision of real-time, high sensitivity and accurate analytical hardware.

SLD continues to be committed to leading the way in the sensing and inspection technology required for the oil and gas industry. With an established track record of working successfully with a number of major oil and subsea inspection companies, SLD continues to produce creative cutting edge systems and solutions.

Our priority is to ensure that our clients are always ahead of their competitors.

SLD offers customers the following services:

  • Provision of state of the art laser and imaging tools for the offshore industry
  • Provision of a range of inspection tools, able to support the integrity management of pipelines and subsea structures
  • In-house highly skilled engineers able to rapidly redesign SLD’s devices to suit new applications.
  • In-house development team that may be required for developing a new product upon obtaining relevant grant from clients.
  • Offshore Engineers providing technical support, services and consultancy.
  • 24 hours 7 days a week office support to offshore personnel


  • Laser Leak Detection System
  • Underwater 3D Laser Imaging Scanner
  • Low-Light Camera
  • Subsea Miniature Camera
  • Permanent Imaging and Monitoring of Subsea Installation
  • 3D Stereoscopic Vision System
  • Image Enhancement System


  • Shell
  • Hess
  • Subsea7
  • Technip
  • Oceaneering
  • NRG
  • CNR
  • ……and other clients
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