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Safe water – anytime, anywhere

By combining cutting-edge solar and superior cleantech products, SolarWave creates life supporting solutions for developing countries and emergency agencies. SolarWave offers reliable and competitive solar powered water purification systems which produce safe water – anytime, anywhere. Our solutions are used in schools, hospitals prisons and private homes in many countries across Africa.

Founded in 2009, SolarWave has its headquarters in Gävle and is represented internationally by resellers in Nigeria and Uganda, and by the subsidiary SolarWave Tanzania Limited in Tanzania and Kenya.

SolarWave’s goal is to provide safe and inexpensive drinking water systems for use anywhere. With close to 1 billion people worldwide relying on unsafe drinking water from unfiltered sources, the threat of waterborne diseases poses one of the world’s biggest public health challenges, with an associated 1.8 million deaths a year. We believe that access to clean drinking water is the first step towards sustainable economic development; because when health is assured, people can then focus on education, jobs and businesses.

What makes SolarWave’s systems so versatile is their integration with a solar power supply. This autonomous and environmentally friendly way of supplying power makes the systems uniquely suitable for use in remote rural areas and a variety of otherwise inaccessible sites. The system requires no previous infrastructure; one simple set-up, and it runs with minimal service and maintenance. Based on proven and reliable ultraviolet and reverse osmosis technologies, the systems eliminate atleast 99.9% of all bacterial and viral contaminants and provide clean and safe drinking water, meeting and exceeding the World Health Organizations standards for potable water. Built for long lifetime in harsh environments, SolarWave’s products are high quality, user friendly, and reliable.

SolarWave is proud to be part of a United Nations approved Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project in Tanzania. The project provides safe drinking water to 10 remote villages in Tanzania and reduces CO2 emissions by more than 3000 metric tonnes annually by replacing traditional water purification; boiling of water using firewood, with SolarWave’s environmentally friendly technology.

SolarWave AB

SolarWave AB
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