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Solberg & Andersen, SAAS

Solberg & Andersen are a competence center for valves and co-operate closely with companies such as Statoil, ConocoPhillips and BP. Through work that stretches back to the 1950’s, Solberg & Andersen has relationships with several of the world’s leading equipment suppliers.

Solberg & Andersen are a part of the Stream Group who, in addition to valves, supplies products, solutions and services within instrumentation and pipes to the oil and gas industry. The company has a close and positive co-operation with several major valve manufacturers, something that means we can supply most items within valves and related services. The company currently has 227 employees, with offices in Bergen, Oslo, Porsgrunn, Kristiansund, Stavanger and Hammerfest. The company’s most important market is the oil and gas industry but SAAS is also active within the subsea and land-based industries.

Since the establishing of the company in 1932 the company has been experiencing continuous growth, which has resulted in the head office now being in the process of moving into new premises in Bergen. The new building measures close to 8,000 square metres. Along with offices, it will also house a workshop and a warehouse, as well as having room for additional growth opportunities for the future.

One of the target areas is Valve Diagnostics which is first and foremost about having control over wear and maintenance needs, something that can prevent unnecessary shutdowns. Valves that do not function can, in the worst case, lead to shutdown with major financial losses for owners and operators. Good diagnostics can contribute to preventing such unnecessary shutdowns. By mounting sensors and equipment on the valves, you can gather measurement values and analysis data. Analysis data is transferred to the diagnostic center on land, where experts verify and interpret the collected data. Solberg & Andersen has specialized itself on such valve diagnosis and the company has supplied more than 5,000 valve positioners and other diagnostic equipment to NCS. The method gives the customer better control and thereby also the opportunity to be able to plan the maintenance on the valves better. In this way, valves are maintained in a post cost-effective manner.

90 skilled workers with broad and unique experience also make Solberg & Andersen one of the nation’s largest valve repairers and more than 30,000 valves have been through the company’s workshops in Bergen, Kristiansund or Stavanger for either repair, modification or testing. Solberg & Andersen also concentrate on expanding the range of products and services in order to be able to offer the entire value chain to the customer. The company’s new area of commitment is an own department for mounting actuators. Solberg & Andersen supplies pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators, which control the open and closing functions to the valves. The installation department designs and builds the control system to the actuator specially adapted to suit the customer’s needs.

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