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SCS, the company that delivered over 20 years passive fire and blast protection offshore now brings you ProTek® Flange Protection for flanges offshore and onshore in all pipe sizes from 2 – 42 inches.

If you are seeking certified jet fire protection for up to 2 hours and blast protection up to 1.5barg – there is one safe and trusted solution – ProTek® the structural composites passive restraint system with a design life exceeding 30 years and no maintenance required ever … fit and forget

ProTek™ flange covers are designed and engineered to protect ANSI flanges and compact flanges from failure due to the effects of blast followed by hydrocarbon jet fire. The flange protection cover also ensures that the flange bolts are fully protected throughout the duration of the jet fire. Without protection flange bolts fail within five minutes of exposure to jet fire.

Technical Integrity…. Proven Track Record…. Zero Maintenance…. Low Life Cycle Cost

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