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Fresh, Frozen Salmon and Trout. Fresh Fillets, Smoked and Marinated Products

Sotra FiskeindustriSotra Fiskeindustri AS`s smoked salmon products – marketed globally under the Sotra Seafood brand name – are recognized throuhout the world for their quality and taste. The company has exported its smoked salmon products to all major world markets since the early 1980s.

Traditional Taste, Modern Production
Over the years, traditional methods of smoking and packaging have change to meet the needs and demands of the modern world. The challenge has been to combine the old with the new in a way that satisfies the desire for the “classic taste” while meeting the requirements and specifications related to health issues, governmental regulations and shelf life. Sotra Fiskeindustri AS has achieved this balance through its vast industry experience, extensive research and sophisticated technology

Hot smoked salmon & Salmon Trout
In 2005 Sotra introduced a new line of quality products. The golden salmon products are fully cooked, smoked and ready to eat.

Sotra SeafoodThese all natural gourmet meals are available in two different flavours.
o Herb/Garlic
o Lemon/Pepper

Customer Service & Support
Sotra understands the importance of customer service, follow-up, consistency and on-time delivery. The company`s sales office provides comprehensive and attentive assistance for Sotra`s prospective customers and long-standing clients alike.

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