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Spago1Spago Nanomedical is a public company developing nanomaterials for cancer diagnostics and treatment. Our lead projects SpagoPix and Tumorad have the potential to meet major and well recognized clinical needs for improved tumor visualization and cancer therapy.

SpagoPix – Tumor Selective Imaging
Early and correct diagnosis is essential for treatment efficiency and long term survival of cancer patients. MRI is recognized as one of the best methods for accurate diagnosis of tumors but utility of the technique is limited by the current use of contrast agents that are not tumor selective and provide only sub-optimal imaging signal.

Spago2Spago Nanomedical’s proprietary nanomaterial SpagoPix is a tumor selective MRI contrast agent which has shown excellent contrast between tumors and surrounding tissue in preclinical studies.

The tumor selectivity of SpagoPix has been termed “a game changer” by independent radiologists and there is currently no contrast agent for MRI with this property available.

By its tumor selectivity and exceptional MRI signal strength, SpagoPix has the potential to
•    Improve clinical diagnosis of early or small tumors and metastases and thereby improve treatment results
•    Reduce the occurrence of false findings

Spago3Tumorad – Tumor Selective Radionuclide Therapy
Radionuclide therapy, the use of radioactive isotopes to kill cancer cells, is a well-established and proven treatment option for cancer. With the recent approval and increased development of novel radionuclide therapies, the clinical use of this type of treatment is expected to grow substantially.

Spago Nanomedical’s therapeutic nanomaterial Tumorad consist of nanoparticles loaded with radionuclides that will passively accumulate in tumor tissue to deliver a local and optimized radiation dose. The tumor selectivity means that the radiation to surrounding, healthy tissue can be minimized.

The key to successful treatment of many cancers is the access to alternative therapies where existing therapies fail. Tumorad holds promise as a novel alternative tumor treatment with specific potential to
•    Treat deeply embedded or non-operable tumors
•    Treat metastatic disease
•    Be an alternative or complement to other systemic cancer treatments

Spago Nanomedical AB

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