Specialkemi Väst AB

Specialkemi Väst AB

Today’s society requires more actions for creating a sustainable environment.

A sustainable environment has to be created by many actors, all the way from grass root movements to political decisions and companies being able to supply appropriate solutions.

Specialkemi Väst is the company supplying systems and solutions, mainly for reducing acid rains and nitrous gases. Traditionally it has only been flue gas treatment but from 2012 Specialkemi Väst is also starting to build up a supply chain for imported biofuel.

Flue gas treatment of air from all incinerators/combustions and other air polluting emissions having acid and nitrous gases such as SO2, HCl, HF and NOx is Specialkemi Väst main expertise. Other applications are also involving reduction of dioxins, CO and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Our system of reducing acid gases is based on a totally harmless additive, Sodium Bicarbonate. The additive is so harmless that it’s used as both in food and pharmaceutical production. Today Specialkemi also supplies to smaller consumers via retailers.

Concerning reduction of nitrous gases, dioxin, CO and VOC Specialkemi Väst is representing CRI/Shell and its SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) modular technique, proven to be successful in countries all over the World.

Specialkemi Väst AB is mainly active on the Northern European market, from Poland to Iceland, but also has a daughter company in Ningbo China.

The Chinese operation is at the present active in promoting import and export of environmentally correct products. Product both for industrial and consumer usage especially in the segment of smarter mobility. As an example a tight cooperation between the Chinese daughter company and GazE-bike has created a network of companies, such as Ekocentrum in Gothenburg, Sunfleet and Hertz, promoting smarter mobility with Sweden as a role model.

Specialkemi Väst AB

Specialkemi Väst AB
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