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We have developed high strength steels for over 40 years. And since SSAB were one of the very first to offer these kind of materials we were challenged to learn by ourselves how to get the most benefits out of them. We never stopped this work. Today SSAB has over one hundred employees and specialists dedicated to help our customers get the best out of our steels, this can be anything from conceptual design to computer simulations of critical areas in a product. These steels can be used to increase the strength or with the same strength reduce weight significantly.

For Ship building and Offshore, SSAB offers classed steels ranging from standard Grade A up to 690 MPa, with approvals from all leading classification societies like ABS, DNV and Lloyds Register.

For machines, equipment and super-structures, SSAB offers structural steels with strength up to 1300MPa.

The high strength steels cannot only be used to increase the strength but also the working life. With the advanced versions of our steels we can offer our customers a 20 to 50 percent weight reduction – with maintained strength, giving you the possibility of extra payload, lower fuel consumption and easier assembly and production, or a significant increased service life.

In order to optimize the strength SSAB also supply you with expertise and knowledge on welding methods and how to avoid fatigue problems when using the high strength steels.

So if you want to get stronger or loose weight, contact SSAB for a free consultation.

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