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Life Sciences enjoy a successful track record in the Tirol: In 1951 the company Biochemie in Kundl produced the first acid-resistant penicillin. Since then numerous companies, including world market leaders, niche specialists and „hidden champions”, have successfully become established in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical engineering and medical informatics. The former Biochemie, well known as Sandoz GmbH, is today Austria´s largest manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceuticals and one of the world´s leading manufacturer of antibiotics. Another Tirolean success story is MED-EL, a leading Austrian medical device company and the worldwide technology leader in implantable hearing solutions as well as a leading provider of cochlear implants.

Today Tirol is one of Austria’s key Life Sciences regions. The Tirolean life sciences scene features three universities and two universities of applied sciences conducting excellent, internationally recognised research. By working in close collaboration with the companies they jointly promote innovation. The province of Tirol provides a variety of funding instruments through a customised technology support programme. Tirolean companies which promote innovation in collaboration with research institutions have access for example to the “K-Regio-Programme”, creating regional competence centers. This enables the partners to expand their competitive advantage and to introduce new products, services and processes faster to the market.

Cluster Life Sciences Tirol
About 2/3 of the life sciences companies in the Tirol and all the relevant research institutions are interlinked in „Cluster Life Sciences Tirol“: The roughly 50 partners work in the fields of medical engineering, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, life science-related services and research and teaching. The Cluster imparts expertise, provides thematic impetus, offers links to specialist partners, encourages and supports interdisciplinary collaborations and research and development partnerships, thereby boosting innovation performance in the region and promoting enhanced competitiveness for both companies and the region.

The Cluster Life Sciences Tirol has a strategic focus on further promotion of medical technologies. The Cluster has become a key driver for the integration of local players within and outside the industry. An ever-growing number of cooperation projects (e.g. five K-Regio projects) are such evidence. Together with partners in South Tirol and Trentino the Cluster has compiled a directory of 143 regional partners in medical technology – manufacturers as well as suppliers, research partners and service providers.

Another strategic focus of the Cluster: strengthening of the Biotech and Pharma sector in the region. Its strong research institutions and biotechnology companies have rendered the Tirol particularly successful in the field of personalised cancer medicine, immunology and infectiology, diagnostic and analytic plattforms and the development of plant-based active ingredients. The Cluster promotes its partners on a national and international level and fosters an exchange between research institutions and the industry.

Standortagentur Tirol, Agency for Innovation and Technology
The collaboration of the Cluster members generates valuable synergies for all partners, even beyond sector boundaries: Cluster members also actively network with members of the Clusters IT, Mechatronics, Renewable Energies and Wellness Tirol. These Clusters are all part of Standortagentur Tirol. They are co-financed by the government of Tirol and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Standortagentur Tirol has been delegated the statutory task of strengthening the region of the Tirol as a location for business and science on a long-term basis, in order to safeguard existing jobs and to create new ones. The streamlined organisation offers wide-ranging services to assist local companies, research institutions, regions and municipalities in enhancing their competitive ability and in creating profiles. In addition, the Standortagentur Tirol manages the international marketing for the Tirol as a business and science location. It offers consulting services to companies from Austria and abroad with regard to issue of founding, relocating and/or extending businesses in the Tirol.

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