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Stansomatic are the experts in stamping advanced items in thin metal and steel. We are your experienced and innovative partners from concept to high-tech mass production, to modifying for further production. With more than 40 years’ experience and a strong culture of innovation, we can optimise your project so you will get the most functional solution as inexpensively as possible.

From idea to mass production

Your project begins in our large engineering department where, in close cooperation with you, our experienced technicians develop and optimise the item from the original concept to the most optimal solution in terms of both price and function.
Based on CAD drawings, we can manufacture prototypes for assembly tests. From the results of these tests, the product is further optimised as needed.
High Precision Progressive tool
When the development is completely in place, our skilled tool and die makers build the final stamping tool. All processes take place inhouse, resulting in higher quality, lower price and just in time delivery.
Laser Welding
At Stansomatic we only use laser welding. Laser welding provides a consistent finish and is more effective than traditional welding. Welding is done down to 0,1 mm material thickness.

Partial gold
As gold is very expensive metal, we can offer you partial gold plating such as spot plating.

We provide coil-to-coil degreasing in a washing system and clinical degreasing of bulk items in an alcohol system.
OTEC Deburring
The surface of the finished items can be deburred in our OTEC system.

Thorough quality control and individual packaging

Quality Control
Naturally, Stansomatic is ISO 9001 certified. Furthermore, we take random samples of all productions, which are checked and thoroughly measured without contact. When we use a new tool for the first time, we 3D scan the initial finished items and check that they match the 3D CAD drawings before we continue. In addition, we continuously check the surface and take measurements by using Vester Vision camera technology. We are familiar with and live up to the individual industry’s various quality requirements.
Stansomatic customises the finished product according to your needs. Your deliveries can be packed as Tape On Reel, trays or on coils, depending on what is suitable for further assembly. We package and send your items according to your exact requirements.
Clean room
Stansomatic has significant experience with production for the pharmaceutical industry and consequently offers packing in down to class 7 clean room.
Stansomatic A/S
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