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Star IPS: Simplifying ship and rig management

Star Information & Planning System (Star IPS) is an easy-to-use business application designed to help ship and rig owners and managers operate their fleet in a safe and efficient manner. The system enables companies to comply with industry regulations, while at the same time reduce costs related to off-hires.

Star IPS is used on-board vessels, either as a stand-alone system or in interaction with an office-based Star IPS hub for fleet management. The system consists of several integrated modules which can be combined to meet a wide variety of user demands; from simple maintenance and spare part handling, to comprehensive information sharing and strategic planning.

Star IPS consists of several integrated modules which can be combined to meet a wide variety of user demands. The system integrates with office based systems for purchasing, e-commerce, and KPls, in addition to 3rd party systems for crew management, finance, etc.

Configurable Star IPS allows for all screen labels, messages, instructions, and wizards to be configured and customized to match company terminology and operational environment. The system supports customized forms and questionnaires, and business rules may be implemented to further support company workflow.

Star IPS facilitates sharing of critical information across functions and departments to improve fleet wide efficiency. Documents, procedures, equipment data, and lessons learned may be distributed and re-used across the fleet, as part of projects, or for strategical planning.

User friendly Star IPS’ graphical user interface facilitates easy learning, under-standing and usage. Users work with wizards and terminology that matches company and industry standards, in addition the system supports a number of languages.


Use Star IPS to:

• Comply with statutory and class requirements
• Plan and control vessel and fleet maintenance
• Handle events and initiate safety measures
• Follow up audits, inspections, and vetting
• Manage circulating assets
• Keep inventory control
• Manage vessel replenishment
• Propose budgets and control costs
• Manage crew data and payroll
• Communicate vessel-to-vessel and vessel-to-shore
• Publish, revise, and distribute documents across the fleet
• Manage guarantee claims for new builds
• Organize projects for docking, repair, and major overhauls
• Replicate data between vessel and shore
• Run reports and monitor fleet- wide performance
• Manage warehouse and transportation



star information systems

Star FSM: Fleet Supply Management

Star Fleet Supply Management (Star FSM) represents next generation software for managing procurement and logistics for shipping and offshore industries. Star FSM utilizes the best of existing technology to offer optimal functionality and efficiency in the purchase process.

Star FSM is built with the newest software technology and architecture. This gives a high degree of flexibility, and makes it easy to improve and add functionality without a complicated upgrade process.

Star FSM can be customized and configured based on your company’s set of business rules for:
• User roles
• Approval rights
• Budget limits
• Vendor requirements
• Contract requirements
• Data exchange

User friendly
Star FSM’s graphical user interface facilitates easy learning, understanding and usage. Application grids and detail layouts can be customized to meet your individual preferences.

Star FSM is process driven and handles the entire purchasing process. Purchasing documents are automatically pushed through the purchase workflow and will only stop for manual intervention when input is required to meet company standards.

Star FSM is designed to reduce man-hours in the purchasing process and introduces advanced functionality for quote comparison and document tracking. In the compare window you analyze and compare prices, delivery terms and shipping costs from vendors. Different view options with pre-selections for price, delivery, total cost and currency makes it easy to compare quotes and issue purchase orders.


Use Star FSM to:

• Verify and process requisitions
• Make inquiries
• Evaluate and compare quotes
• Approve purchase orders
• Send purchase orders
• Follow up orders
• Record changes and make change orders
• Organize shipments
• Perform receipt control
• Exchange data with other systems
• Contract Management
• Automatically purchase by business rules
• Approve POs by e-mail
• Handle documents

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