stem-center¿What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine replaces or regenerates human cells, tissue or organs, to restore or establish normal function, therefore by definition, regenerative medicine is an opportunity for all the major therapeutic approaches; medical devices, small molecules, complex biological molecules as well as cell-based therapies.  However, there is no doubt that within regenerative medicine, the exciting paradigm shift is cell-based therapies. This is the step-change platform technology that is enabling the fourth pillar of healthcare- a sustainable new sector based on living cells as therapies.

Moreover regenerative medicine brings together medicine and surgery and other disciplines to create hybrid products.Medicine has focused on the use of chemistry to attempt to restore, correct or modify physiology in order to achieve alleviation of symptoms and in some instances cures. Surgery, in contrast, is by and large a physical science and employs engineering and material technology to address anatomical defects, abnormalities and trauma by physical repair.

About us

Stem Center is an innovative biotechnology company in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery using stem cells derived from excess adipose tissue from the human body. The company, located in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), is a pioneer in the application of the research done by “The GID Group”, an international scientific group of which the company is a member, which has revolutionized the world of regenerative medicine and cellular surgery.

First stem cell research

Since 1994, when the scientific team comprising Dr. Katz and Dr. Llull conducted the first research on stem cells extracted from adipose tissue, Stem Center technology has been patented, implemented, developed, defined and supported by leading laboratories all over the world. The launching point chosen by the GID Group for this revolutionary technology was Mallorca, with expansion plans currently underway that include new openings in Russia, South America, The United States, Arab Emirates and Brazil.

The technology

Transfer of adipose tissue enriched with stem cells.

This procedure has demonstrated that stem cells or regenerative cells extracted from fat (obtained by liposuction) adapt quickly to the organ in which they are implanted, thereby allowing rapid regeneration of damaged tissue, modulating inflammatory processes and organizing blood flow. There are no medical or legal counter indications for this procedure, since no embryonic cells are destroyed. They are adult cells of the donor, which are not substantially modified.

Cellular Surgery

The innovative surgical technique based on the use of cells from the patient’s own body that regenerate and rebuild damaged tissue are called Cellular Surgeries. Stem Center is at the forefront in the use of these techniques in regenerative medicine.
With the introduction of cellular surgery, it is now possible to design and develop procedures that are even more effective and specially adapted to provide patients with the desired outcomes. Small incisions are made to obtain the regenerative cells which repair, nourish and control functions in the tissue where they reside, from the patient’s own body. When concentrated and implanted, important therapeutic benefits are obtained in a minimally invasive way. The implantation of these cells under the skin promotes the recovery of the viscoelastic properties of the part of the skin affected by burns or scars and facilitates the cure of chronic ulcers.  When these regenerative cells are used to enrich particles of fat obtained through liposuction, the cells maintain the viability of the implanted fat tissue, thus maintaining their volume and turgor. Cell-enriched adipose tissue is an excellent filler that can be used for correcting defects in the shape and volume of breasts, face and extremities with the advantage of being a live tissue derived from the patient’s own body.

Developed Products

The GID platform is an essential tool in cellular surgery due to its development of new techniques and biomaterials, which are revolutionizing surgical treatment, reducing the impact of surgical procedures and improving recovery.

Close collaboration between the multidisciplinary team of professionals (physicians, surgeons, engineers and biologists) from the GID Group and Stem Center have made it possible to develop a new and versatile tissue-processing platform.

As a result of this collaborative effort, various new medical devices have been developed: GID 700 for harvesting, filtering and preparing fat grafts and the GID SVF-1 for isolating stromal vascular fraction cells.

Stem Center and the GID Group provide a standardized process, fast and sterile that allows for the harvesting of a heterogeneous population of fresh stromal vascular fraction cells with regenerative properties during the single surgical act.

This technological platform offers a more cost-effective therapeutic treatment in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

GID 700 and GID SVF-1 medical devices have obtained the CE Mark and are currently available on the market. GID Europe Ltd is the subsidiary company in charge of its distribution and commercialization in Europe.

Presently, Stem Center is working on the development of new products and procedures in order to incorporate the use of cellular surgery in plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as in other fields such as orthopedic surgery, bone metabolism illnesses, disturbance of the lymphatic system, etc.

Stem Center is also devoted to generating and developing human clinical trials involving the use of adipose-derived regenerative cells. In addition to basic and traslational research services and educational training.




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