Company profile
Stemmatters is a fully integrated regenerative medicine company. We offer integrated manufacturing solutions and provide novel product development platforms for regenerative medicine products. The company pursues development programs in cartilage regeneration, osteoarthritis management and spinal cord injury repair. Stemmatters also provides contract manufacturing services regarding tissue processing, and stem cell isolation and banking, and manufacturing (cells and cell based products).

Company headquarters comprise 250 m2 of clean rooms compliant for processing of human tissues and cells (2004/23/EC Directive). In addition, the company operates 300 m2 of BSL Level 2, R&D and QC laboratories for development of medical devices and tissue engineering products. Stemmatters has implemented and certified a QMS compliant with GLP, GMP and ISO 9001:2008.

Product pipeline
Stemmatters currently exploits two innovative product development platforms for medical devices and advanced medicinal products. Stemmatters pursues independent development of these platforms for cartilage indications. Stemmatters is currently seeking to establish co-development partnerships with strategic partners for other clinical indications.

Our lead product (STM-3M), is an off-the-shelf, minimally invasive delivered ATMP that combines progenitor cells and a chondrogenic matrix that allows treatment of acute cartilage lesions that leads to hyaline cartilage regeneration, while enabling outpatient treatment at a significant lower cost as compared to current ATMPs. STM-1B is a MD marine derived glycosaminoglycan analogue with extended physiological half-life compared to current products, which is conveniently delivered by injection into osteoarthritic joints intended to improved cartilage protection and delay tissue degeneration.

Contract Manufacturing
Stemmatters additionally provides cGMP CMO services. Our portfolio includes tissue processing, cell manufacturing/banking, and cell based product manufacturing. Our development and manufacturing services provide qualified facilities, trained personnel and dedicated resources to deliver products while assuring highest levels of quality and regulatory compliance. Stemmatters facility complies with requirements for processing human tissues and cells (2004/23/EC Directive). Stemmatters staff has broad knowledge and know-how in human cells, including stem cells from human adipose tissue, bone marrow, umbilical cord (blood) and somatic cells such as chondrocytes and endothelial cells, and other cell populations (e.g. immortalized cell lines). We provide manufacturing processes to support clinical production of (stem) cell-based therapeutics. Clinical production projects are performed under cGMP guidelines for early-stage clinical trials with comprehensive documentation of all manufacturing operations and quality control testing.

For inquires and further information, please contact:
Dr. Rui A Sousa,
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