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For 20 years Sterner has delivered water treatment equipment for intensive aquaculture. Today we offer a complete range of technology and solutions for modern aquaculture. Our mission is to apply the best water process technology to the benefit of the aquaculture business. We currently focus on full disease protection, optimizing water use and the reduction of costs for pumping, heating and oxygenation. Sterner is today a leading supplier to the aquaculture world of all types of water treatment applications. We also hold several unique designs and solutions for water treatment. Our fields of work are:


Water disinfection
A fi eld of great importance is the disinfection of water, both to prevent diseases and creating a clean and healthy water environment for the fish stock. Ozone and UV are the most used techniques. The technique is chosen for purposes to prevent parasites, epidemics and fungus.

Aeration, oxygenation, and reuse systems
We deliver reliable and cost-saving oxygen generators for the production of oxygen on site, as well a highly  effective injectors and diffusors for gas mixing. Ouraerator is capable of greatly reducing water consumption by aerating of carbon dioxide (CO2)from the water. Vacum degassers for TGP and nitrogen reduction.

Filtering, effl uent treatment and low-energy pumps
Sterner has the knowledge and technology to make the best solutions of inlet and outlet water. Inlet fi ltration for fi sh health, and waste water for environment including complete sludge treatment systems. Special pumping systems for low energy consumption and long term low maintenance has also been sucessfully introduced to the aquacuture world.

Control and monitoring
We offer systems that provides total control & overwiew of the farm operation. An effective tool for management decisions, optimisation and long term quality management.


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