Støperi NORD AS

Casting produces products with optimal design and material qualities.

Støperi Nord

The company’s extensive experience with the hardwearing materials NIHARD and DIAMAX provides our customers with the best operating economies.

We produce castings in small and medium series. We cover the whole process from concept to finished product, and have customers in the mining/quarrying sector, at smelting plants, and in the process and mechanical industries across the whole of Scandinavia. Casting can provide major benefits in terms of operating economy and design.

Products and services

We supply:
• Mill liners – In chrome alloy and nickel alloy qualities
• Wear plates/wear segments – In chrome alloy and nickel alloy qualities
• Machine parts – In grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron

The foundry works with qualified partners within the areas of design, construction, models, and material technology.


• Boliden Minerals AB
• Elkem AS
• Jernbaneverket
• Norberg Mills AB
• Sydvaranger Gruve AS
• Sibelco AS
• Rana Gruber
 • Rapp Hydema AS
• Rolls Royce Marine AS
• Skaland Grafittverk AS

Støperi Nord

Støperi NORD AS
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