Storm Flood Protection

SFP is a newly developed and with patent pending way to protect against flooding, whether it concerns securing a river cliff, coastlines or buildings.

Foundation piles
SFP is based on a foundation consisting of a pre-cast foundation concrete pile available in length and size according to requirements for protection height and bed conditions.

Steel posts
In case of flood warning the high water protection is mounted, it consists of specially designed steel posts and specially designed aluminium planks.

Steel posts are fitted to the concrete pile and then the gap is filled out with specially designed aluminium profiles which are locked after mounting. After flood warning has been cancelled the protection can be taken down and put in storage until next time, then only the top of the foundation pile will be visible in the landscape.

Aluminium planks sealing strips
Aluminium planks are available in various types depending on protection width and height. Sealing strips against earth, concrete or other surface are available in various materials/designs. SFP is available for protection against a height of water of up to 3 meters, if higher is needed it can be custommade.

Storm Flood Protection
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