Stranda Prolog AS

Stranda Prolog AS supplies equipment for primary processing of farmed fish.
We are the main supplier of large factory installations in Norway.
Innovative Stranda solutions have been delivered worldwide since 1946.


Stranda’s team of consultants consists of both marine biologists and engineers. We focus on the fish, and have a profound understanding of treatment of live fish during transport and harvesting.

4th Generation Harvesting
Unified Harvest Model is our new standard for harvesting. Our cell logistics provide easy factory management. The improved storage and chilling systems let you run each department more independently.

We also offer systems for off-loading of vessels and trucks ensuring premium chilled products for processing, to give you maximum shelf life and quality.

VS– Pumps
The VS-Pumps are known for user friendliness. There is no fumbling with timers and settings. Just push the start button and the pump runs automatically. We deliver systems for pumping both live and dead fish.

HeliX tanks
HeliX spiral chillers are the first choice for most factories. With over 100 installations world wide the tanks are known for reliability and efficient chilling. With the new side loaders the tanks can run with independent input and output.

Vizera cleaning machines
The Vizera is a semiautomatic cleaning machine The operator removes the guts, and the machine removes the blood line and cleans the fish inside.

Common Vacuum
Centralized system for removing the by – products makes the factory tidier and more efficient. Can be connected to Vizera and Baader machines for gut removal.

StraKS Control System
StraKS is the factory control system. With remote support and web enabled displays this is an efficient management system for premium processing at optimal speed.

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Stranda Prolog AS
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