Conference and meeting facilities, catering and events

A phone call or mail to us opens up a plethora of opportunities!
Sult operates several function rooms in Oslo and Bærum with unique locations and can offer a very special setting for your event. You can easily go out and enjoy fresh air during the breaks, in the on-premises garden or on the terrace. All the locations have great views, whether it’s the forest, a lovely garden or the Oslo fjord. The function rooms are also all located outside the city centre, so getting there is a small excursion in itself that can provide inspiration and a small break in the daily routine.

Sult’s long experience means that we are a reliable choice for you and your company. We will gladly help to tailor any meeting arrangement, and we can easily make the whole thing into a nice evening out!

At Sult, we are flexible and service-minded and can organise an event as desired, based on your wishes, needs and budget.


Sporten (max 250 persons)
Sporten has an extraordinary location at the evocative Holmenkollen ski jump facility. The exclusive banquet hall has nine-meter high ceilings, historic flair and a distinctive charm. With its magical panoramic views of the Oslo Fjord, Sporten provides a unique and distinct meeting — or corporate experience.

Sporten is one of the few independent function rooms that can accommodate up to 250 or more guests for dinner or meetings. After a meeting, we can rig the venue for a celebration dinner while the participants are enjoying activities outside.

A screen (4 x 4 metres) and a portable projector are available on site. Tables and chairs for 250 are included in the rental price.


Solhaug (max 100 persons)
Venerable grand hall in the middle of Lommedalen, which is perfect if you want to bring your guests a ways outside the city. Here you enjoy a big house all to yourselves, with a great garden and a lot of nice outdoor areas such as the golf course and walking areas nearby.

Large tents can be set up in the garden and in the parking lot to accommodate up to 500 guests. The house has the Grand Hall (100 persons), Small Hall (50 persons) and the Board room (15 persons).

Screen and projector must be rented. The Grand Hall has a built-in stage.


Fredriksborg (max 50 persons)
Hold your meeting in the mansion-like Fredriksborg in the middle of Bygdøy peninsula! The entire ground floor is available for use. The dining room can have up to 50 seated for meals or in the cinema arrangement. The salons have seating on couches/in small groups for 44 people. Exit to the terrace and garden.

You must bring your own AV equipment if needed.


Villa Grande (4 rooms)
The splendid facilities at Villa Grande are suitable for everything from small meetings of less than 10 people to big summer parties in the garden for up to 300 people.

Sult operates the café on site and has great deals on catering services for meetings during the day. The different rooms can be rented separately or together – totally dependent on the need.


Tårnværelset (max 12 persons)
Totally unique views – must be experienced!
This small room will enchant every meeting attendee!

Food for breaks and coffee are served in the room, while lunch is enjoyed in the café on the ground floor.

Projector and screen are available for rent.


Paviljongen (max 15 persons)
Private gazebo with room for 15 persons is located in an outdoor area at the edge of the garden. Lunch can be enjoyed in the garden or in the café. For dinner parties, grilling is available outside with your own private chef.

All of the meeting equipment must be rented. Only for summer use.


Hagestuen (max 30 persons)
Bright and pleasant room next door to the café. Separate exit to the veranda and the beautiful garden.

Various kinds of dining can be enjoyed in private rooms, in the café or in the garden if the weather allows it.

Wall-mounted screen and projector are available.


Kafé Villa Grande (max 60 persons)
Can only be rented for parties in the evening. Capacity for up to 70 guests at the long table. The garden can be used for dinner parties in a tent for up to 300 guests.

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