In the third floor of the barn you will find our three living rooms with space for diverse number of people. Furnished in old style with the old soffit visible it can accommodate smaller and larger companies both private and public.

Our kitchen caters food made from the seasonal ingredients and we bring the personnel to every occasion. Here you’ll find the homely environment in a new package where the atmostphere and service is top priority.

We have wireless networks projectors, screens and equipment for courses/conferences and we are happy to customize your desire event, whether it is for the private or business sector.

Prices and offers on demand.


In the second floor of the barn we have furnished eleven guest rooms with bathrooms, each with its own theme from the place. If you choose to stay in the “Smia” (Blacksmith) of “Fjøset” (Barn) we promise a homely touch with pictures and decor of the place and the opportunity for a good night sleep in close proximity to our dining places and experiences. The fresh breakfast is served in the bakery from 7 am in the morning.

Prices: www.sundbytunet

At sundbytunet we feel it’s important to tell the story of the place through good experiences, food and beverages. The farm has been an arena for food production through the past seven generations. And still is.

Restaurant: The taste of Sundbytunet
The restaurant is located in the former barn, but today stands as a cosy contemporary restaurant with historic surroundings. The menu is based on local food and seasonal good products at a reasonable price. It serves traditionally farm food from traditional recipes with a contemporary twist. We have daily menu for a reduced price.

Brewery pub cellar: Under the former barn, the old dirt basement, we now have furnished pub with its own micro-brewery. It serves self brewed beers as well as our “Aquavitt-line” as part of the menu. Outside the brewery cellar we have a generous outdoor area with canopies and heaters. It has an atmospheric environment with fireplaces both indoors and outdoors.

Distillery: In our distillery we make “noble” drops that can be enjoyed in Sundbytunet’s restaurants. Would you care for some home made Aquavit or other herbal drinks with the food?


Gardermoveien 6, NO-2050 Jessheim
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