SVAFAS, Stavanger Valve & Fitting AS

SVAFAS, Stavanger Valve & Fitting AS
Established in 1975, SVAFAS is Swagelok’s authorized sales and service centre in Norway. We deliver an expanding range of the highest quality fluid system products, solutions and training seminars. This together with knowledge, resources and innovation, brings value for our customers in Norway.


Swagelok Products
The Swagelok product range continues to grow and include more specialized and innovative materials, products and services. The latest additions in our product range are the Coreflex hose series, and RHPS regulators and relief valves.

Global Presence
Swagelok’s global network of sales and service centre’s are dedicated to the success of our customers. This network has developed over a 60 year period and places Swagelok in a unique position to support any project at a local level on a global scale.

Local Service & Support
Planning, detailed design and construction are critical phases for any project. It is crucial to ensure that the appropriate support is in place to assist in the safe selection and installation of products promoting problem free performance during build and commissioning. Our team of highly qualified technical associates is on hand to provide support during every stage of any project.

Additional Services
Swagelok understands that for a product to perform, correct installation is critical but also that one solution will not ‘fit’ for every customer or application need. To provide additional support for our customer’s we have developed a suite of additional services to compliment our range of products.

svafas• Custom Solutions
• Training in Tube Fittings and Valves
• Engineering Support

The Swagelok “Custom Solutions” channel provides a facility through which fabrication of Swagelok related systems can be realized to streamline and compliment any site build schedule. All Custom Solutions assemblies are carried out by fully trained and certified personnel and guaranteed by Swagelok Company.

Swagelok’s e-commerce abilities allow us to provide data warehouse capabilities. Information such as material safety data sheets, assembly instructions, maintenance instructions, and drawings are linked to each part number. enables full e-commerce capabilities to streamline purchasing in line with our customers expectations and provides full transparency and accessibility of information relevant to product procurement.

SVAFAS, Stavanger Valve & Fitting AS
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