Svensson Engineering AB

Svensson Engineering AB (which is a part of Svensson Group) is a leading European cable drum company.
Svensson Group designs and produces cable drums made of wood, plywood, plastic and steel. 

The company is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



About Svensson Engineering AB

Svensson Engineering AB designs and delivers high quality steel reels and other handling equipment, primarily to the offshore industry. The company has manufactured and delivered offshore reels and cable baskets for more than 20 years – carrying power cables, wire ropes, flexible pipes and umbilicals. Svensson Engineering AB continuously works on product development with the aim to meet the clients’ high requirements.

The offshore reels fulfill DNV GL-rules and standards, the design can be verified by a third party. The typical flange diameter reaches up to 11.4 m with a capacity up to 400 mTe. Together with the client, Svensson Engineering AB develops the most optimal solution regarding cost and handling.

      Product range:

  • Steel reels
  • Baskets
  • Lifting equipment
  • Technical services

Why Svensson Engineering AB?

  • Reliable design based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and advanced calculation models
  • Excellent reputation among well-known customers
  • Complete solutions to customer needs
    • From design to delivery
    • Innovative customer tailor-made solutions
    • Complete documentation
Hamnvägen 1, SE-311 32 Falkenberg, Sweden
+46 34 65 69 00