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Your partner for mining competence

Swedish mining competence have a very long tradition all the way from historical Falu Copper Mine to todays Boliden and LKAB Mines with extremely modern mining technique.

BergUtbildarna AB have for more than 30 years been involved in the training of mining personel on both theoretical and practical basis.

The most important factor in all training is:
– Code of god practice – Safety

This part should, depending of the type of mine operation, be followed of:

  • Geological knowledge
  • Knowledge about modern explosives for mining
  • Knowledge about optimal initiation systems for mining
  • Drilling technique and drilling equipment
  • Rock mechanics , rock bolting, shotcrete and grouting technique and methods
  • Blasting technique and mining methods
  • Mine planning

To optimize training you must start the project with an analyze of used technique, routines and equipment used in the mine today and from that form the training programme. The training ends with a follow up of the practical result out on the work site. This give the possibility to reach our goal, competence. Competence is not just to have knowledge but also to understand how to use it to optimize the production.

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