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Sweco delivers professional consulting with a high knowledge content throughout the client’s projects lifetime. Our combined expertise in consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture enables our clients to carry out their projects with high quality and excellent profitability.


Sweco has experience in mining projects since the 1970’s. Our services cover all project management, engineering and consulting services during the mine lifetime starting from studies up to final closure of the mine. Our focus in all of our projects is on long-term sustainable solutions. We have a wide experience in the mining industry resulting from the long and continuous co-operation with our numerous clients.

Sweco provides services with various implemantation models. In EPCM model Sweco shall take responsibility for project management, engineering, procurement and construction management activities with one contract and from one source. In OE model (Owner’s Engineer) Sweco shall function as the closest engineering partner and representative of the client, working for and on behalf of the client. Furthermore, Sweco can provide project management and engineering services separately according to the client’s needs.

Continuous improvement by co-planning
The creative, sustainable solutions require a comprehensive, holistic view and a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore in Sweco’s engineers, architects and environmental experts work closely together. With our combined expertise we make it possible for our clients to carry out their projects with high quality and best possible conditions for sustainable development.

• Business segments: Industry, structural engineering, infrastructure, project management, water & environment, energy systems, architecture, building service systems, IT for urban development.
• 9,000 employees
• Annual sales 1,015 MEUR
• 37,000 assignments per year
• 15,000 clients
• Ongoing assignments in 80 countries
• Established in 12 countries including all Nordic countries

RECENT References
Agnico Eagle, Finland
• Pre-engineering, feasibility studies, on-site services and EPCM-model project services. Oxygen plant engineering and site services.
Altona Mining / Kylylahti Copper, Finland
• Engineering tasks for terminated project, process and feasibility study. Due diligence services.
Firotec, Finland
• Engineering of solids handling equipment and conveying systems for several projects.
Metso Minerals, Finland, Sweden
• Engineering of concentration plants and crushing equipment.
Mondo Minerals, Finland
• Crushing, grinding and concentration processes, engineering for maintenance and investment projects.
Nordic Mines, Finland
• Structural engineering of greenfield concentration plant of gold mine.
Outotec, Finland, Sweden
• Customer for decades. All engineering disciplines, project services. Services for ilmenite smelter, concentration plants, ferrochrome smelter, etc.
Sachtleben Pigments, Finland
• Titanium dioxide from ilmenite concentrate. Several investment projects, all engineering disciplines, EPCM-projects, feasibility studies.
Talvivaara, Finland
• Project management, engineering and site services to material handling and metal recovery of major greenfield nickel mine and plant.
Yara Suomi, Finland
• Apatite concentrate capacity increase and logistics, EPCM-project. Several EPCM-projects for mineral and acid processing plants. Engineering for maintenance and investment projects.
LKAB, Narvik Port, Norway
• Iron ore silos and handling systems. Engineering services.
Nussir, Norway
• Pre-studies of new copper plant, permitting phase.
Sibelco Nordic, Norway
• Modification of concentrator plants storage silo system, EPCM-project.
Sydvaranger Gruve, Norway
• Iron ore storage and export facilities, EPCM-project.
Boliden, Sweden
• Regular client in Sweden. Concentration, buildings and mine water systems. Engineering and project management for maintenance and investment projects. Tailings management projects.
LKAB, Sweden
• Regular client in northern Sweden for decades. Crushing, concentration, pelletizing processes and buildings, mine water systems. Engineering and project management for maintenance and investment projects. Tailings management projects.
Northland Resources, Sweden
• Engineering of concentration plants and crushing equipment.


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