– Treatments for immunoregulatory disorders,
such as Allergy and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBD

Increase of lifestyle diseases
The prevalence of allergic diseases and IBD are rising dramatically. Worldwide, allergic rhinitis affects 30% of the Western world population, and it is on the rise. IBD is as of today the fastest growing chronic disease.
Current treatments for both allergy and IBD are in many cases insufficient, expensive and may give severe side effects. There is an urgent need of milder treatments, including preventive treatment strategies, and this is where Swecure comes into the picture.

Swecure develops treatments for world growing epidemics
Swecure is a human health company, developing leading pharmaceuticals for immunoregulatory disorders, such as Allergy and IBD, e.g. the world’s first preventive treatment for allergy and a new strategy of treating IBD. The company has a strong portfolio of three projects preventing and treating allergy and IBD.

15 years of experience in infant gut bacterial flora
Swecure is based on research from Sahlgrenska University Hospital with 15 years of experience in bacteriology and immunology. The research team has come up with several interesting innovations that all have been patented. Among these inventions, we have identified and patented a bacterial protein, a so-called Superantigen with the unique ability to activate immunological tolerance mechanisms during infancy. By administering this superantigen to newborn infants, we are able to prevent allergies from breaking out in the first place. The company is at the moment awaiting results from an ongoing field study in dogs. Results are expected in June 2015. In addition, the researchers within Swecure have studied the gut flora of children with IBD and found that the patient often lack a particular group of bacteria in the gut compared to healthy controls. By administering these bacteria to patients with IBD, we can normalize the gut flora and achieve balance for the IBD patient. A clinical pilot study will occur during Q4 2015.

Pipeline projects
•    Swe01 – Allergy Prevention
•    Swe02 – IBD Treatment
•    Swe04 – Tolerance Enhancer (Improvement of immunotherapy)

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